Frequently Asked Questions

What is FiliClock?

  • FiliClock is a digital application where an employee can Time IN/OUT real-time using filipay, an HRIS system. It also restricts the access by location via IP address and captures an actual image of the user while registering Clock IN/OUT.

Is filipay offer an on-premise system?

  • No. filipay is a cloud-based application that requires no installation at the client's office or investments on servers and IT professionals.

What is Cloud-based HRIS system?

  • A cloud-based HRIS system is a solution or service from a remote location that can freely be accessed and used anywhere, anytime via the internet.

Can filipay capture the time IN/OUT from the Biometric machine?

  • Yes. filipay can be integrated into any biometric application via upload feature or API (Application Programming Interface)

Is filipay integrated into QuickBooks?

  • Yes. filipay is integrated into many accounting software’s including QuickBooks via upload feature. The payroll entries that you need to upload in QuickBooks can be exported through filipay with negligible effort to keep your books in order.

Do you have a one-time or perpetual payment for the system?

  • Filipay only offers a monthly subscription fee based on the number of total employees per payroll process.

How much is the cost of investment for filipay?

  • For as low as Php 50.00 per person per process, you'll get to possess and benefit, from an automated HR & Payroll solution.

What is the timeline to get onboard?

  • For standard payroll requirements, we can Go Live with filipay as fast as 1-2 months.

How secure filipay system is?

  • First, filipay is number one complaint when it comes to the local government agencies ruling such as DOLE, BIR, SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-Ibig. Second, we follow the Data Privacy Act 2012 and we are GDPR compliant. Other certifications that we have to ensure that Xerosoft & filipay safeguards customer confidential data as part of Data Security, System Availability, Confidentiality, and Privacy. PCI DSS compliant, SOC 2 Type II compliant, and HIPAA compliant.

Do you have Employee Self Service?

  • Yes. The employee can now monitor and track their timesheet through filipay portal using their user id/password credentials. An employee can File an online request for Overtime, Change Schedule, Leave, DTR, Offset, and Official business travel. Also, they can now access their E-Payslip through mobile phones.

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